‘You exceeded your current quota’ when my credit balance is positive

Hello, I am a pay-as-you-go user for about a week. My credit balance is positive, and I have tried to revoke my API key and generate a new one (today 12 / 6 / 2023). But it didn’t work, I still stuck with this ‘You exceed your current quota’ response when I call the gpt-3.5-turbo from the openai api.

I have seen this:“even-with-quota-and-available-credits-error-openai-error-ratelimiterror-you-exceeded-your-current-quota” post in this forum. I tried all the method they say but I still can’t fix this.

@logankilpatrick maybe makes sense to create a separate topic for this with all the details? This question is super-frequent of the forum.

Many accounts have two different organizations automatically added. You can see if in platform.openai.com if you have a different one selectable at the lower left “name” menu button, one being “personal”.

Then also in API keys menu, choose the correct default organization that is funded with your payment.

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Thanks for your replying! But this is not the problem. I only have one ‘organization’ and I have chosen it, but the quota exceed problem persist

There are a few more “dials” you can fidget with before you send a message through “help” on your account.

  1. billing: ensure under setting all info about your payment card is filled out as address and contact info, update something and save.
  2. limits: Ensure your own settings for monthly limits are set to allow usage, something like $50 for each box. Change and save.
  3. See that you are able to make a chat mode request in the API playground. With or without error will tell if it is something about fund availability or rather with your API key and usage.
  4. review the actual balance on the billing and usage pages again. An “assistant” used unwisely can empty $5 in one question.

Hopefully just one of those will be a problem-solver. Putting more money in to refresh your account isn’t an ideal solution.

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hello. i delete my card and re-add the card as my payment method. it worked. thank you very much.

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