Yacht Design Article and Gallery

Were excited to show off some of the work we’ve been doing with Dall-E in the past two months. We tested it to see how/if it could be used for yachts and interior design and we had a lot of fun.

The goal was to thoroughly test Dall-E to see how it understood ship/yacht language, interior architectural styles, and if it could could indeed even draw an accurate looking yacht. In the end were quite impressed with how smart it was. Though it didn’t quite understand the wide variety of boat terms it did quite well with grand images of yachts and surprised us with its creativity at every corner.

For the full gallery of work, from the buildable classic styled yacht to the most audacious concepts, can be found here:

A recent write up from Boat International is here:

Were excited to keep using this and can’t wait for Open Ai to teach Dall-E to understand the difference between a Portuguese bridge and a bridge in Portugal.

John Cantu


Pretty cool John. Looks like there were a couple of Midjourney renders in that article as well. :grin:

Some of the other designers loved Midjourney, we were fans of the look and feel of the images, but we noticed that it never truly understood what a yacht was and usually made some mashed up shapes floating on the water. Dall-E on the other hand really nailed it by creating different types of boats, (catamarans, sportfishers, jetski’s…) as well as hitting classic, modern, and futuristic styles.

I think it has a ways to go, but we were still quite impressed.

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Yeah, Dall-E is pretty impressive. I just sent u a pm.