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This reminds me of the transition from Myspace to Facebook for some reason.
There were so many crap Myspace pages, but some were just beautiful works of art. To be fair, it’s not like this will completely design everything, but only suggest ideas and help with the creativity.

This also makes me wonder. What happens when almost all creative material is heavily influenced by AI? Where will the new raw training data come from? Would it not just turn into an echo-chamber?

Can AI truly make design choices? Or just choose the most common design choice that it’s seen?

Designs somehow change by themselves. Music, Art, even house styles. How can AI adapt to these changes and not be stuck in the past? In any sort of trend it seems that the more common it is, the less desirable it becomes.

I haven’t tried any new Microsoft products, so this all may be completely irrelevant. I apologize in advance.

So, this software is powered by openai’s dall e.
you can enter the waitlist and try it yourself here:

apologize if there’s any mistake.


I love Dall-E have spent way too much time & money messing around with it.
It’s very hard to achieve consistency with multiple images, even if using an artist’s name. So I’m very interest on how this works. Thanks for the link.