FAQ: When can I start generating a capybara image using DALL-E?

Thanks for your interest! We haven’t announced any plans for releasing DALL·E at this time.

That said, we’re always interested in how folks might be interested in building with these models and would love your input here!.


I have to ask, why the capybara?

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Turns out that even with a radish in a tutu and an avocado chair, the capybara has truly captured the fancy of our dev community. :grinning:


Please please please please haha

I have thousands of monsters, players, and magic items. I think it might do best with the latter - the magic items? Would be really cool to have a “generate image” for this RPG content button!

I’d be willing to submit data or help test!

ETA: Submitted the form. Hope to hear from you…


Some samples…

This mace is of an icy-blue color. The mace is as cold as ice and is a solid block of ice. It has a crystal at the end that glows as if it were a giant light bulb. The head of the mace is small but deadly.

This is a scroll with a long black handle. It is used to summon a dragon.

A small, feathered serpent with dragon-like wings. When at rest, it coils its tail and wings around its head and neck, appearing very much like a small, pink ball.

Tall, almost skeletal, with skin stretched tight across sharp bones, this creature has long, thin arms and legs. Its fingers and toes end in wicked claws. The creature’s head is basically a humanoid skull, with bare, cracked skin stretched taut over its bony features. Large bat-like ears protrude from each cheek, and fangs sprout from its elongated jaw.

Bizet is a mimic that looks like a key, and it can be used to unlock doors that are stuck.


While we are waiting on DALL*E, you might explore Deep Daze and Big Sleep described here: OpenAI's DALL-E Alternatives with Colab Code - Deep Daze & Big Sleep | GPT-3 for Images - YouTube I’ve been playing with these all afternoon. There are CoLab versions of each.


Waiting on DALL-E, I started playing with #GPT3 + #VQGAN

@tabarak the monsters and magic items aren’t doing well, but… the spaceships are kinda neat…



Using prompts like…

Drawn in the style of comic book artist Katsuhiro Otomo. The Xim is the name of a large Hive ship that is commanded by a Hive Lord. The ship is armed with many laser turrets that are used to take out enemy ships. The ship is also equipped with a large torpedo that can be launched from the ship.


@PaulBellow that looks awesome!


Really excited for when DALL-E is released! Have lots of ideas and our community at CopyAI has been interested in the developing technology.

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Thanks. The samples above were made with just a text prompt… I’m playing around to get more control over results…

Draw a fantasy landscape with a big tower on a green grassy plain and a blue sky in the artistic style of Takehiko Inoue






I’d love to generate visual scenes for my favorite literatures or visualizations of the characters, that would be interesting to know how it handles creative inputs



Paint a giant mech battle in the art style of Yohann Schepacz inspired

I love how at the end the AI finally grows the missing leg on the mech on the left… can’t wait for DALL-E!


Literally can’t wait - as a designer DALL-E could help me iterate on concepts much faster… exciting time to be alive!


Yes, we have tons of ideas and needs for high quality synthesized visual assets for our health platform. For example, our app allows users to setup a custom lifestyle/health tracker. It would be nice to generate an image that represents the tracker’s purpose… like tracking my coffee intake… instead of having to provide a large library of assets for the user to choose from.

I know this would impact the stock photo and illustration markets and the artist and photographers that contribute to them… but this is inevitable, the Genie is already out of the lamp.

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This is one of my faves so far… I used a Bukowski poem as the prompt…


@tabarak, quick question. Will output from DALL-E fall under our copyright like text from GPT-3?

Great question @PaulBellow! I don’t have a concrete answer on that yet. We will be able to share more information closer to a release.


Closer to release… and that would be when? Ballpark 1 month, 3 months , 6 months? Just so excited


Looks really awesome

The general AI community has found a few tricks that improve output quality on CLIP-based image generators (for instance, adding ‘trending on artstation’ or ‘unreal engine’ improves the images dramatically).

I’d be really interested in seeing how well these prompt tricks work with DALL-E.

Prompt: “sam altman OpenAI DALL-E GPT-3”

FacesHQ dataset…