Would happily pay more each month to get "Team" benefits for single user

Hello everyone,

I see that now there is a “Team” membership option that apparently grants more messages to GPT-4. I was bummed to see that you must purchase at least two seats in order for a payment to go through (which makes sense, since it’s called Teams).

Anyways, I would be happy to pay an extra $5 if I could increase my message limit with GPT-4. Will there be something like this in the future?


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I think the point of there being a minimum user limit was so people wouldn’t buy it just to use the benefits. I guess if you find someone who is willing to share the price with you, it would technically be an extra $5 per month for 100 messages per 3 hours.

Would be great to have a new tierm. Willing to pay $30 for the higher usage cap and context window.

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