Introducing "Wish Talk", an experimental video game using GPT-3

Hello everyone!

Please let me share some interesting A.I. news and introduce my team’s experimental project ‘Wish Talk’, a social simulation video game utilizing GPT-3.
In this game, you get to experience stories through chatting with game characters and thanks to the Deep Learning technology, they are able to do open-ended, “real” conversations instead of reacting with pre-set phrases as other similar games do.

Its free initial playtest begins on April 27th, and will be running for 2 weeks ending on May 11th - Everyone who is interested in conversational A.I. technology and/or games is welcomed to join!

Please visit the following link to pre-register – All you have to do is clicking on “Request Access”.
(Available for players who set their Steam launcher language to ‘English’)

If you would like to see more information on the project, please also check out our videos and posts on Facebook:

Thank you!


Cool! Just requested access, hopefully I get a chance to check it out.

Question for you that I’ve been mulling over (I’m using GPT-3 for game-like purposes as well); how do you get an AI-powered conversation (which is essentially open-ended) to fulfill the purposes you might need it to in terms of the game’s story arc?

Example: you need an NPC to inform the player that there is a bandit in the cave nearby, so the player can start that quest. And when they get back from killing the bandit, you need that NPC to ask them how the quest went and congratulate them, give them an item, etc if they succeeded. Do you need to subtly switch between pre-programmed dialogue and GPT-created dialogue on the fly? Or can prompts be designed cleverly enough that you as the programmer can dictate the broad direction of a conversation beforehand?

Looks great. Congrats!

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