WordPress plugin: AI Comment Moderator

Hi guys,

On one of the websites we manage, we have close to hundred of comments to moderate a day, so I coded a WordPress plugin: AI Comment Moderator.

How it works:

  • once configured (bring your own keys) the plugin starts checking the incoming comments and scores them based on their content, value to the website, user authority, etc.
  • based on the score following automated actions can be taken:
    – reject comment
    – trash comment
    – mark as spam
    – add to moderation queue for human review
    – publish comment if the user has already published comments
    – publish the comment if the score is excellent
    – add to human moderation queue if the score is low (spam) but the author has previously approved comments

Each of the automated actions can be enabled/disabled and configured independently from each other, leaving you the full control and flexibility on your workflow.

Active and running since a couple of days it reduced the moderation time by 85 percents.

As for the API costs: average comment moderation request/response is about 500 tokens for gpt3.5 turbo, plus the plugin is coded to skip hitting the API as much as it can (feature to score without API calls the comments based on what was already scored by AI and is in spam or trash folder). So the costs are about $1 USD for 1K comments moderated by AI and free for the local scoring system. Currently we are paying about 10 cents a day for the API. So technically we pay 10 cents to buy back about 40 minutes of moderator’s time a day.

This plugin will be released as a premium plugin for WordPress at around 99 USD/site/year.

Currently we are looking for beta testers of the plugin to provide us some feedback and testimonials. We offer the first year of the plugin usage (excluding the API costs billed by OpenAI for your API usage). Then, a lifetime discount of 75% will be applied to all beta tester’s accounts.

If interested in testing the plugin: please send me a private message.

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Have you seen

Beta Tester Matching: Community Project for Helping one Another Beta Test

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Hi Eric,

No I have not. Thanks for the link. But those are for ChatGPT plugins, not WordPress, aren’t they?

I don’t think Eric’s inclusion of the message was regarding any particular platform, rather it’s use as an area to find beta testers.

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@Foxabilo is correct

I have posted the link for many topics and some have been for more than ChatGPT plugins. Send @nmarwell a message and he can tell you directly.

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Truthfully we mostly focus on ChatGPT Plugins.


Hey @nmarwell ,
Thank you for the clarification on this.

Sounds very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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After running this for a while, I do confirm the costs are “peanuts” for accuracy close to 100%.

Side effect: we have a lot of commenters who have tens/hundreds of comments previously approved. Even if we always had a policy to manually review all comments before being published, we allowed automated publishing for comments from frequent commenters if the score is 9 out of 9… That ignited faster commenting from those people as their comments often get immediately approved. And by the time Google picks up the new post (minutes for us) we often have already several comments published on it…


Here are some screenshots of the admin to give you an idea of how it looks from the moderator’s point of view:

  1. Settings

  1. Comments UI

  1. Comment moderation (manual one-by-one or bulk) UI

Any feedback on the UI would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Haven’t had a chance to test it yet. How’s the response been?

None from this forum… That’s ok. When I showed the thing to some of my clients, the conversation rate at 9.99 USD/month + OpenAI API costs was 100%.

And hiring tech/marketing writer to do the copy for public launch.

Feel free to send me message if want to test the thing on your website, I’ll send you a free license.

Hey @sergeliatko , I am willing to test it. But unable to send a message to you. Can you please share access to the beta test?

Sure, send me an email to serge@techspokes.com