I made a Wordpress Plugin

I created a Wordpress plugin to generate content.

User should only enter the title, number of headings and either they want to add image to the post or not.

Once title is generated then, it gets blog ideas for that title and then for each heading it makes another request. All results combined and then inserted into text editor with image.

Attached is the screenshot of how it looks like.


Nice! Releasing? Cost? Bring your own key model?

Thank you! It will be free. BYOK model. At the moment it’s awaiting review from WP team. Once it’s approved it will be available for everyone.

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Have you released it? What’s the name?

It’s under WP team review.

It’s released today. Appreciate any feedback.


Ive downloaded your plugin on to two sites and neither of them output any results

Any human feedback loop in sight for this?

Hi, it should work fine now. Can you try again?

Yes all works now thanks. Is there a way of being able to check the headings first before output? Would be nice to be able to steer it into the right direction.

Also I have had an issue if I select more headings that 6 or ask for an image it never completes

Hi, great job !

Would it be possible to suggest a list of keywords to the plugin to optimize the content ?

Is the key stored on the server-side? if so how?

Hey thanks, yes keyword functionality is there and available in pro plan.

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All data is stored user’s own servers. So it basically sits together in the same DB where Wordpress is installed.

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it’s out bravo : => GPT3-AI Content Generator – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Can I use it in the fron end?

If not, can you make it one?

I want to give this service to my visitors in the website as a free & paid version.

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i have the same request. I want to create tool (for SEO) that use OpenAI so with a form in frontend.
I search since a lot of time, I tried to do it with chatGPT but no results for the moment.
Please tell me if you find a solution for that.

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Nice! Anyway you could make a frontend prompt request, where the user can input a title and get a description, or vise versa?

Excellent, nifty little tool you got there. Keep up the good work @sahin.senol3

Awesome, so the WP review team Okayed it? Did they give any feedback?