WordPress Content Suggestions (Related Posts) - need beta testers

Hi guys,

I’m looking for Beta testers of a new plugin I’m about to release for WordPress:

Content Suggestions (Related Posts)

The plugin uses a combo of Open AI+ Weaviate to find related content to display on a page.

Simple setup, bring your own keys, advanced caching to reduce API costs, full control in admin panel, supports custom post types.

Suggestions are based on currently viewed content + user history.

Demo (website is a draft of a new version of our travel website) https://2.beatofhawaii.com

See the “Beat of Hawaii’s Selected Picks for You” section after any singular blog post.

With correct suggestions displayed in strategic areas on the website we might improve pages per session by at least 15% and advertisement income by 20%-30%.
Secondary hypothesis: improving user experience analytics metrics and proper interlinking of the content will improve overall SEO performance of the website to get some 30% more traffic from organic search.

First implementation will be on our own website beatofhawaii.com (about 10M+ PV/year).

I’d also like to test the above hypothesis on other high traffic websites, so ready to offer beta version of the plugin.

0. WordPress sites only

  1. At least 1k+ articles
  2. Have been using some “related posts” solution for the last 12 months
  3. Analytics in place (GA4 is better) since last 12 months
  4. Optional: Astra Pro theme (native support for this one)


  1. First year free, 75% discount on subsequent years for the plugin licence (will be between $299 and $499 per year, 3rd party API usage not included)
  2. 50% reseller commission instead of 35% for everyone else.
  3. Minimum usage: 1 year (free period)
  4. Read access to the analytics for our team

Approximate costs:
Not sure, as not fully tested.
As of today: importing/indexing 3k posts was around $15.
Weaviate estimates are around $30-50 per month (on cloud solution, storage+queries). Can use your own install (if your know what you’re doing). In this case you pay the knowledge base housing server of your choice…
Open AI estimates are close to nothing beside the initial setup, maybe some $10-20 per month depending on your publishing pace.

Let me know if this is something you would like to test.

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The plugin went live on 28th of June. Here are the API costs (based on 3K articles and 0.9M page views/month):
Open AI: $22.00 (3 times reinstalled on test sites with all articles to summarize/embed)
Weaviate: $34.00 (premium cloud services)

Some stats (compared to prior to the launch period match by day of the week, so far, still subject to adjust in the long run):

Page views: 0.91M vs. 0.73M = +23.9%
First visit (new users): 0.66M vs. 0.35M = +89%
User engagement: 0.61M vs. 0.38M = +61%
User stickiness:

  • DAU/MAU: 5.7% = +69.9%
  • DAU/WAU: 21.6% = +54.2%
  • WAU/MAU: 26.1% = +10.2%

Top 5 new users sources (approx, rounded to 1K):

  • Google: 233K vs. 147K = +58.52%
  • direct: 228K vs. 109 = +108%
  • news.google.com: 57K vs. 12K = +364.67%
  • RSS: 47K vs. 42K = +12.73%
  • newsbreakapp.com: 37K vs. 17K = +124%

Still, missing the train?

Some stats for those who are interested (2months in the test)

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