WordMagic AI brings power of ChatGPT in WordPress Gutenberg

We’ve released a super simple free WordPress plugin named “WordMagic AI” with gutenberg integration which uses GPT-3 text-davinci-003 model to generate content on the fly with simple mouse clicks within Gutenberg page editor of WordPress.

The plugin follows “Bring your own API key” model and don’t need any complex configuration other than API key and writing style selection. WordMagic AI also includes DALL-E powered image generation to make the article visually appealing. Last but not least, every blog article requires an introduction and conclusion to make it complete, WordMagic AI plugin generates this on the fly!.

WordMagic AI is built with ReactJS. Try it out and you will be surely amazed. Please do share with your friends :slight_smile:


Sounds very interesting but no link makes it harder to learn more about ;}