WordPress Plugin For creating blog posts using OpenAi

Hi there,

I created a WordPress plugin for creating blog posts using OpenAi.

Here is the link:

This plugin utilizes OpenAi DaVinci 003 to generated Blog Post based on the entered post title.
You can use it with Gutenberg Editor or the Classic editor. Works for both posts and pages.

It has the option to include number of images in the post as well as choose their size.
You can also include introduction and conclusion as well as number of headings.

One thing to note is that if you choose to include introduction and/or conclusion, it sends separate requests for generating those based on the post title and sends another request to generate the main text.

This means that if your length is set, for example, to 256 and you include introduction and conclusion, it will send 3 requests with 256 max length, one for each introduction, conclusion and main body.

If you include big number of headings make sure to increase the max length because the main text might get cut because of not enough length.

Let me know if you have any questions / notes about it.



Nice! This makes two now. Or are there more?

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you @PaulBellow

There are more plugins from what I saw on Search Results for “gpt” | WordPress.org

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Thanks. Sorry I was too lazy/busy to search myself! Haha.

Seriously, though, a roundup of all the WP GPT-3 tools / plug-ins might make a good article… or YouTube video… hrm…

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