Open Source No-Code / Low-Code custom GPTs builder released

Yesterday we released a new version of Magic Cloud, with its most important feature being the ability to use Low-Code and No-Code constructs to create APIs that you can connect to your own GPTs.

The thing is based upon meta programming and “drag’n’drop” workflows. In this video I am demonstrating some of its features, by visually designing a database, generate CRUD endpoints for it, creating a send-email endpoint, and some additional snacks - Entirely without coding (ofc) - For then to connect it to my own custom GPTs.

The thing is heavily documented, with 200+ pages of text, in addition to having its own OpenAI-based chatbot (using RAG), that you can ask questions to to get help. It features its own IDE which allows you to declaratively build backend APIs, which is also using OpenAI to generate code, think “CoPilot on steroids”, and the thing is 100% Open Source.

For those interested, you can follow the link at the top here, and we also provide a hosted version if you’ve got no idea how to host it - However, for a senior dev, setting everything up should be fairly straight forward …

Feedback and suggestions for new features are deeply appreciated :slight_smile:

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