Will the plugin store be disabled?

I’m wondering if with all the recent updates the plugin (store) will still stay be available or it will be completely written of?


I think they are going to replace the plugin store with the GPT store, but there is so little information out there about all of this, and lots of changes are happening as they attempt to release everything they talked about.

Is there a chance to still submit the plugin, or it’s unclear whether they will accept it or not.

Is there a chance to still submit the plugin, or it’s unclear whether they will accept it or not?

It is clearly documented here.

As of November 6th, we are no longer accepting new plugin submissions. We will be allowing existing plugin developers to update their plugins for the time being. We encourage plugin developers to create GPTs with custom Actions.

Why would you even want to stick around with the Plugins?! The Actions has overcome all the shortcomings (features, security, markets, etc.) of the Plugins.

Move on to a better and greater future!


The GPT store is superseding (aka taking the place of) the Plugin store. The only question is under what timeline. I just hope that OpenAI takes care of the plugin developers. For example giving us some sort of priority or designation within the GPT store. After all, plugin developers have helped grow the community and lead the company to GPTs. This without much, if any, in the way of financial renumeration.

When I want to create a GPT app… is coding needed to share it or not? If no coding is required then the entry barrier is very low.

I think the one downside to no longer having plugins is that you can’t use multiple different services in conjunction with one another. From what I’ve seen that’s not really possible with GPTs

Really? Presumably you can create multiple actions per single GPT. At least, that is how I understand it.

From a user experience perspective, I don’t think they get to choose which things are integrated like you might with enabling different plugins.

A GPT developer has to choose which actions are included in the GPT if I understand that correctly.

I.e. if the GPT doesn’t have email connected. I can’t just add another GPT to work with my email to accomplish a task.

So combining plugins for added functionality might be replaced by novel GPTs that recreate that same functionality. As far as selecting multiple plugins at will, yeah that might not be possible with GPTs but too early to tell. Perhaps when the Store opens, you will be able to select multiple GPTs into a single chat.

Could someone maybe clarify this? I have currently not yet subscribed to Plus but are considering it. To my understanding, multiple plugins can be combined and added to a conversation (maybe even to conversations that already have started?). Are Actions only available in a dedicated custom GPT, removing the option from end-users to combine multiple of them into a single conversation?

Yes, you say it correctly: the end user cannot combine multiple actions into a single conversation. Even for GPT actions developers, combining various actions is a bit complicated (only a single API is currently available to add in the same GPT configuration interface; unless you combine into that single API multiple functions, there is no way to combine multiple actions into the same GPT otherwise). It could be the downside of GPTs (versus plugins). There are several improvements also, but as a downside with GPTs, you cannot combine multiple things in a single chat as easily as you would by installing various plugins and using all of them in the same conversation. But the updated interface also allows the easier switch between different GPTs. While you cannot have all in the same chat as you would with plugins, you can switch to different GPTs with fewer clicks (compared to plugins), so it might not be a big deal. It depends on how you use it, though.

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