Why is the Plugin Store going away?

The GPT marketplace will supersede the plugin store. As the GPT marketplace rolls out, we will have more to share.

Why shouldn’t one be able to compose an Assistant by combining several Plugins/Actions from a “store”? It seems to me a step backwards to say that one can only use a single Action with a single Assistant? And not compose them from a store?

It would be nice to see a default conversion from existing plugins to GPT.
The the plugin store could just become GPT Store.
I think it is doable.
TBH plugin developers have enough time to do the work themselves too.

There is not much different really.

Create a new GPT app. Visit your profile lower left > My GPTs > Create a GPT
Click Configure > Fill in as much as you can.
Under actions click Add actions > Paste in your OpenAPI spec. If it fails convert to json.
Edit your authentication options
Click <

This has worked well for existing plugins.

i tried this and even tried the hello world actions and it is always coming back with an internal server error.

Do you mind trying the weather app and letting me know what you get in the actions

Plugins are not just random things that are building blocks.

They are written by third-party developers, and solely rely on a developer’s API which can provide function-call like data enhancements, on their dime.

Which was always the problem. With plugins, you pay $240 per year to then provide a free service which enhances OpenAI’s value.

Now there is a gold rush to make prompt-based simpleton “custom instruction” GPTs. With OpenAI’s monetization plans as undisclosed and inaccessible as “I got sued for copyright infringement, now how do I contact your ‘copyright shield’ lawyers?”.

You build an AI powered real product that uses a plugin-hosted API, how about if your max earnings is “up to 50% discount off plus subscription price, $0.01 per 1k installations retained over 30 days, valid while GPT featured in the store by OpenAI staff selection.”?

So no, you don’t get to collect other people’s products and call them your own.

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