Why was the context window changed?

Hello, fellow users did anyone else notice how the context window was abruptly altered? I used to be able to put in almost 50 pages of text and or 2 hours of YouTube transcriptions on the ChatGPT 4 website and now it keeps stating the error message ‘[The message you submitted was too long, please reload the conversation and submit something shorter.]’? I even upgraded to Teams. This just started to happen recently, a estimate would be maybe less than 2 weeks. Before that it was amazing even huge amounts of texts I thought wouldn’t work did and now maybe even 20 pages is a problem.

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I think what OpenAI implemented was a warning signal, not a context change. ChatGPT+ has remained at 32k token context for some time now.

What was happening in the past was likely automatic truncation, without warning or signal. So, in reality, I doubt it ever actually got through all of that context.

Now what you could do is use GPT-4-Turbo’s API, which should have over 100k token context. This might be better for your use case if you are dealing with a high volume of data like that.

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Thank you, I agree I think its time to finally learn how to use its developer tools. I thought the website platform would be enough for me but I guess not.

Don’t worry, this tends to happen quite often, and the added benefit is that there’s plenty of resources to help you out along the way, including this forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best of luck!