Issue with inputing a 60 pages story into chatgpt 4 so he can summary it

Hi there,

I’ve an issue. I need to input a 60 pages story into chatgpt for summarize.
Just for fun I would like GPT4 to summarize it …
So what I do is inputing the first 7 pages (8 pages seems to big) , then I tell GPT4 to say “OK” so I can send the rest of the story. But as soon as I sent 15 pages, GPT4 completely forgets to say OK and absolutely wants to improvise on the first 15 pages of the story.

Pretty annoying because I’m sure that it worked a few weeks ago.
I noticed that GPT4 seems to forget a lot more what I said just 2 messages before.
I think there is an issue with the latest model update…