Issues with CHATGPT4: Disappearance of Past Chat Records and Automatic Generation of New Content

Recently, while using CHATGPT4, I noticed that all the past chat records on the left side have disappeared, replaced by numerous ‘NEW CHAT’ entries. Additionally, every day, there are some inexplicable contents generated automatically, rendering it impossible for me to use properly. The reason given is that there are too many generated entries attributed to me. I was informed that I need to wait until a certain time before I can use CHATGPT4 again. I don’t know how to resolve this. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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Is it possible that you’re sharing your account with someone? :thinking:

Are you possibly using a plugin like chatGPTBox or another that integrates and uses ChatGPT upon entering search requests on e.g. Google?

Another plus user and I have also lost all my chat history! What is going on here OpenAI?