Why pay Plus fees to be in waitlist and why waitlist for developing plugin locally?

Dear OpenAI Team,

I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus explicitly for plugin development, as suggested by the statement:

If you are a developer who has ChatGPT plus and you are interested in making a plugin, please fill out the form below.

However, the imposition of a waitlist, even for local development, is not only perplexing but also renders my subscription seemingly underutilized and the investment unjustified.

I understand OpenAI’s mission statement for plugin deployment:

In line with our iterative deployment philosophy, we are gradually rolling out plugins in ChatGPT so we can study their real-world use, impact, and safety and alignment challenges—all of which we’ll have to get right in order to achieve our mission.

While I respect the cautious approach, the lack of transparency and communication regarding access to plugin development is leading to escalating dissatisfaction.

I urgently request:

  1. A clear and immediate explanation for enforcing a waitlist on local development.
  2. A definitive and transparent timeline for the resolution of the waitlist.
  3. Any immediate provisional solutions or alternatives for developers eager to commence work on plugins.

A prompt and comprehensive response addressing these pressing concerns is imperative to mitigate growing discontent and to uphold the trust and expectations of your user community.

I appreciate your immediate attention to these concerns and anticipate a swift and thorough response.



Welcome to the developer forum!,

The developer forum has no ability to expedite Plugin Developer access.

I understand it is frustrating when you do not receive a reply right away, however, the waitlist is currently the correct way to do this, more are added in batches and hopefully new developers will be added soon.

As to your list of specific demands, the developer forum is not the place to reach out to have your concerns addressed, please user the support bot on help.openai.com (bottom right corner icon) and leave your contact details along with your issue.

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I must admit I was thinking this as well. For local plugin development isn’t chatgpts behaviour to:

Call locally from your browser to your api (on localhost)
Send what the API says back to chatgpt
Have chatgpt read and consider the result.

So it doesn’t seem to cause any more load on openai than just talking to it. I kind of understand having a waitlist to actually publish it (as presumably someone has to review it).

I want (or its getting very close to “wanted”; past tense) to demo a chatgpt plugin for our company hackathon, but the waitlist is putting that in danger. It feels like plus users should be able to locally develop a plugin without a waitlist


I agree with some of the sentiment here that even local plugin development is restricted. I already have access to plugins and primarily wanted to start using gpts retrieval plugin however i am still awaiting approval. I have applied to 11 Sep and it is still not approved. i have even written to them but they said i have to wait . what is the turnover time for approval.