Plugin developer waitlist

I’m Developer
I’m Plus users and i have filled out the plugin developer waitlist
I filled out the OpenAI survey and applied to test Alpha products.
I would appreciate getting access to: Develop your own plugin and Install an unverified plugin options



I’m hoping for some help. Advice welcome from anyone else who faced a similar situation!

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There are many in the similar situation. Weeks, months on the waitlist.

I suspect that OpenAI is not in the position to handle more plugin developer support all at once, and nearly 1000 plugins in the store (needing basic monitoring for functionality) somewhat devalues additions.

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At this point it’s looking like we will be forced to simply take our business to the Microsoft channel and use Azure Open AI, because you know, it’s actually available.

I am beyond frustrated with Open AI at this point and have been on this waitlist for months - since the original announcement. You gave us $1000 in credits… we can’t use them and so Microsoft will be our partner of choice as they will actually take our money and be a partner.

API credits are unrelated to anything ChatGPT, so clearly you’re just on a rant here. “you gave me thousands for free, so I am more important than paying customers”

I suspect OpenAI developing a new plugin framework or model, learning from the shortcomings, and that is why there a near complete hold on new developers.

Yes, go develop plugins on Microsoft’s chatbot with developer plugins…:yawning_face:

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