Why One Member of a Workspace can't See Prompt Created By Other Members in the Same Workspace?

I subscribed a team subscription and created a workspace.
Now I created a prompt in the workspace & told my team member to check it.
But he can’t see the prompt created by me.
He can also see his prompt.

So, I told him to create a prompt in the workspace.
He did so & I couldn’t see this prompt from my account.

If it is a bug, then how can I fix it?

However, if it’s the product spec, my question is then why should I pay extra to use a team workspace where we can’t collaborate each others prompt?

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How can I collaborate with my team using ChatGPT Team?

ChatGPT Team will have GPTs and shared links available to users in your workspace. (my edit: the following is irrelevant) Read more about access levels here and settings here.

From that one-sentence FAQ, GPTs and shared links are similar to those available to anybody in the normal ChatGPT, except that GPTs can be shared with a team and not the whole world. The shares allow you to see and continue privately, but are not collaborative. All shares then also require team login.

Your conversations are private unless shared. There’s even no mechanism for an owner getting to company-owned data in chats after an employee was terminated as one might expect from a product to be used by businesses.

So for a “company prompt”, you will likely want to create a GPT that has the utility of performing a particular task by selecting it.

Did you ever get a resolution to this? I’m having the same issue.

I’m able to share access with the “public link” option, but I’m working with GPTs that need to remain proprietary within the company and I don’t want the risk of sharing outside the Team space.