“Develop your own plugin” button is missing

I’m a Plus subscriber and joined the waitlist, but I do not have a “Develop your own plugin” option from the Plugin store. Does this usually take some time to appear? The waitlist page (ChatGPT Plugins waitlist) says “ChatGPT Plugins will now be available to all ChatGPT plus subscribers, no waitlist required! If you are a developer who has ChatGPT plus and you are interested in making a plugin, please fill out the form below.” (so I filled out the form) but do I still need to wait for some manual approval before I’ll be given access? The email I got when I signed up said “Thank you for joining the ChatGPT Plugin waitlist. To balance capacity with demand, we’ll be sending invites gradually over time.” which seems to contradict the message on the site.

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Yes, the Plugin Developer access is released in batches, you will usually see an announcement in the Announcement category when this happens, self service automated inclusion is planned but that will take time to implement, so for the moment the Plugin Developer wait list will be processed in batches.

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Thanks Foxabilo - the waitlist website says “ChatGPT Plugins will now be available to all ChatGPT plus subscribers, no waitlist required!” Sounds like that’s not accurate - is there a good place for me to raise that that line should be removed?

That is referring to ChatGPT Plus users having access to Plugins now, it used to be that Plugins were a waitlist item even for Plus members. Developer access is a separate category.

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Ah, re-reading it with that context it makes sense - thanks for clarifying.

Is there any options or any other platforms to test my plugin built for chaGPT ?

I’m not sure what you mean, Plugins are specifically for ChatGPT’s infrastructure and are not transferable to other companies LLM API’s

Maybe there should be a pinned/sticky thread for developer access? This seems like a very common question.

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i meant where can i test my hotel booking website?
it needs to break the sentence given by user like “I want to book a hotel room in newyork from 12aug to 14 aug” the keyword should be taken as place checkin dtae and checkout date the requirements are present in yaml file. But my question is where else can i do that job of extracting the keywords?


I too found the button missing, where it was there earlier this week.
I did invest some time in researching plugins and was ready to test out a prototype.
I have applied to the waiting list, but will pursue other products in the AI conversational realm.