Why is the "Clear conversations" option gone?

Why is the “Clear conversations” option gone?I think it’s good to not have to clean up one by one, but now this option is gone

Probably because there was a deluge of people complaining about lost chats after inadvertently deleting their entire message history a couple of months ago (myself included).

Updated on 07/26/2023

The option has moved to a place less likely to be clicked


Note: I have not tried clicking the button as I do not want to clear all of my conversations. If someone else does and can report back it would be nice.

Compared with before, it takes three more steps to move and click the mouse three times, which is too troublesome

It needs to click clear conversations twice to delete the record, and there has been a second confirmation. After this option is gone, it is very inconvenient for those who like to clean up

I think the trade-off between slightly inconveniencing people deleting chats and reducing the number of people who inadvertently delete chats is worthwhile from the perspective of OpenAI.

Though, honestly it would be better overall if they had a trash the deleted chats went into first and from which they could be either restored within, say, 30 days or immediately and permanently deleted if the user preferred.