Save conversations with ChatGPT

I love ChatGPT and am using it as an assistance/prioritizer at work. Its fantastic, however, if I restart my computer or browser I lose my entire conversation. Can we have a way to save chats for later use like we do in the playground?


I hope they create this function becuase it’s very important since otherwise AI won’t be able to know what you’re talking about after some time.
Also this is annoying becuase after I talk to the bot for some time it says “Too many requests” and I need to create a new conversation…

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You’re both in luck! OpenAI has been working on a conversation history feature for ChatGPT.

Here are the release notes.


This is wonderful! I love the feature!

Just some feedback, would it be possible to not save by default? I have a lot of throw-away conversations and it’s tedious to delete them all. For example, I’m using an extension that posts ChatGPT answers whenever I google things, and all of those responses are being saved creating dozens of threads a day that I have to delete.

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Hei. Would be possible also to make a print whole conversation as PDF button?

I am trying to print it from browser, but seems that it recognizes only 1 page (the one im looking at) from the whole conversation.

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Untill a few days ago, all chats I opened were saved automatically. Today I log in and they are gone. When I ask where or how to find all chats the bot tells me:
I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I don’t have access to your previous conversations or chat history. However, the chat history may be available on the platform or website where you accessed this chat. Some websites or platforms may save chat history for a certain period of time, while others may not save it at all. You may need to check with the website or platform’s support team to know more about their chat history policy.

So the conversation history was a temporary function? I wanted to continue working in those chats, now need to start over again, bummer

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anyone figured out how to actually do this with the API?