Features/Suggestions and Problems with ChatGPT

Sorry but I would like to suggest some features and problems that I have encountered with ChatGPT


  1. I have soo many chats in my history bar and there should be a better way to delete a lot at the same time. I know there is a delete all conservations but I just want to delete 90% of them and deleting them individually makes you click on to the chat and then delete it.
  2. There should be a right click to delete feature or be able to hold down to delete and select many chats in groups simultaneously
  3. For PC window/mac users, when hovering the mouse over a chat, make the delete button show up rather than having to click on the chat first, then deleting the individual chat

Simple Problem
4. there is no feedback button on the chat gpt website
5. add a feedback button for easier access instead of going to the forums

Feature that I think should be added
6. Have a number that shows the amount of chats in the history bar.

Problem with mobile browser using chat gpt
7. i found is that if it runs into a problem when responding, and if you tap regenerate response too quickly, it’ll keep giving the error code and it says to wait for the response to finish, but there is no response. This means I have to wait around 15 seconds until hitting regenerate response again

Suggestion according to ChatGPT
8. “One possible solution to this issue would be to implement a delay between requests to the chat, which would prevent users from making requests too quickly and encountering errors as a result. Additionally, OpenAI could potentially provide more informative error messages that help users understand why their request was not successful and what they can do to resolve the issue.”

LAST problem with mobile
9. A problem that should be solved is when I switch tabs on another app from my phone, and if you do this while the chat is typing back, the typing will stop and make you regenerate the response, generating a error code. However, on pc, this doesn’t happen, decreasing productivity for mobile users.

Chat GPT suggested solution…

  1. “It sounds like the chat is losing focus when you switch to another app, causing the response generation to stop. To improve the mobile experience, OpenAI could potentially implement a solution that allows the chat to resume generating responses even if it loses focus momentarily. This would require changes to the way the chat interface is designed and implemented.”

Hope you are able to communicate back to me about these features and problems being solved in the future. Feedback button via the website would be helpful also rather than having to communicate via forums. Hope this information is useful as a fellow user!


I think they forgot about it… this would be so much helpful…