"Try again" option has been removed. Why?

As of today, it seems the :“Try Again” option has been removed from ChatGPT. Please clarify and elaborate on why this was done.

That option by far the most useful feature of the new chat beta program. Often, new information and insight could be gained by this option, as the AI would present its answer from a slightly different, more ingenious perspective. Each time “Try again” was clicked, it went into more refinement, detail, and very often was “intelligent” at ferreting out further meaning from the original inquiry.

Please clarify and elaborate on why this option was removed.

I vote very, very adamantly to bring back that option at the earliest possible opportunity!

Or is it just a problem on my browser / configuration, and the “Try again” option is still available for others?

Never mind, it seems the option is working again for me now.

Very strange mysteries of the deep. I was quite scared for a moment there that you had castrated the usefulness of this very exceptional technololgy.

Please forgive the interruption,