Why is OpenAI API not supported in certain countries?

I really wasn’t going to use it for anything, i was just going to try it out

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It’s OK. I hope it will be released globally soon.

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I am from Venezuela. I am an engineer and a professional. I´m not related to the very questioned and undemocratic so-called “government” in any way.
Yet, I could use the benefits of the GPT to generate code for several projects that help me to make a living. As a single dad living here is hard because many companies belonging to all the industries we had moving our economy have bankrupt or fled the country. However, it seems that the intelligence of those managing the bans does not allow them to see who are those badly affected: we, the citizens without ANY guilt on what a corrupted gang ruling with guns and uniformed guys do in the world.
We, the real victims, are forbidden to sell online on eBay.
We can´t use the advantages that other people enjoy just because someone in an office doesn´t even care Venezuelans are struggling to try to make a living. How is it possible that eBay allows people to sell from places like Afganisthan or Yemen and we Venezuelans, being on the same continent and being AMERICANS can´t?
Why can´t you understand that the real prejudicial actions with the bans are against us, the citizens and that it doesn´t affect the cronies?
You´re profiting as well because the more users the AI has, the faster and more complete will be the learning.
Keep it like this. You´re doing it “great”. So the AI can start learning what sarcasm is.


I am quite surprised, that China is considered as a security risk. Isn’t the USA the country which is is the biggest risk? Spying on global market development and even declaring trade wars on peaceful countries that might be developing better, than USA?
The best example is when Huawei became a serious competitor to Apple in the USA market. The stories were made up, that Huawei is a security risk. Thus while Tesla cars are collecting all your private information they can get, and Apple phones are the top of the information collectors line. Who is protecting you from NSA?
USA is always working by double standards.
Anyway, it’s wrong to block open AI in china. Finally, China will also here be better again the USA, because they are afraid of open competition.
It’s better to keep politcs out of business. Why USA is making always the same mistakes.

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I’m wondering Why Cambodia is still not supported since its surrounding neighbors are?
Is there a way to convince them to work faster on expanding to more countries?

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This is not true, this is what people are saying just to blame others. But the fact is other ai services are available. Im have a subscription in writesonic! And it is working fine in my country although OpenAi is not

Please add Vietnam in supported list. The ban just impacted the majority of normal users like me. If there is hackers with bad intentions then they already had a lot of ways to access OpenAI. Many Vietnamese users now have OpenAI accounts in many ‘informal’ ways. I just want to get an account in formal way instead.

Amenians: Absolutely! 123456

usa afraid to lose another war to vietnam. so i dont think so. 12345

Not sure, the most have a vital reason for that.
As for my country Cameroon, there’s no way we can use OpenAI too. I don’t know why