Why GPT-3 api login is blocked in my country?

I was having account and I used it and saved alot of prompts in it since the beta was applications only and it was working fine and can access the dashboard.

Now I try to access the dashboard I get the message “OpenAI’s API is not available in your country”

P.S. My country is Egypt

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Same here!! I’m from Peru!

The reason is because of US AI export laws that restrict making AI technology available to various countries for various reasons. This is a similar example: US announces AI software export restrictions - The Verge

(I am not speaking on behalf of OpenAI, just in general about how the tech industry works)

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I wonder if this truly counts as an ‘export’, however? To me, export would involve sending or providing either software or hardware that is AI-related. Given OpenAI’s processing resides firmly server-side (IE in the US), and the individuals are making API calls (so arguably the only thing being exported is the API/client-side software which contains no AI of and by itself), it should not in theory apply. At least not for account logins, anyway.

Also the link provided above is only for AI involved in satellite analysis. OpenAI is text only and it’d be difficult to imagine it, in it’s current text-only form, doing any sort of image analysis.

We hope that Peru will soon be included in the list of supported countries please.

any free version of that? im poor as fuk and cannot afford that money nor i have credit car

Paraguay is blocked too out of nowhere

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