Unban OpenAI in Venezuela, please

There are many creative people in Venezuela who would love to use ChatGPT and Dall-E, but currently, the only way to access these services is through a VPN and virtual number. I believe that there is no valid reason why this service should be banned in our country, as other international services such as all the streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, etc.) and the Adobe CC subscription are readily available without any issue. The reason why OpenAI is blocked may be an unnecessary over-compliance with the current US sanctions over Venezuela. I request that the necessary actions be taken to allow us to use these services in Venezuela freely. Thank you.


Not being someone who follows sanctions or politics in general, I believe this US sanction has not been rescinded, but I could be wrong:

If the sanctions above are still in effect, then it is very doubtful OpenAI will support any operations related to Venezuela until these sanctions are lifted.

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Hey, thanks for the answer. As it says right there, the sanctions only apply to government institutions and members of the government, and it doesn’t prohibit any US business to bring their service to the country. Adobe briefly banned their subscription services when this came into effect, but they reinstated them a week later once they understood this doesn’t apply to them or any US company that doesn’t work directly with the Venezuelan government. As I said previously, all international streaming services can and do offer their services here, so this is no different. OpenAI can freely bring their services here.

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Let’s see if understand correctly.
Meta (Facebook, Instagram) sells advertising space to companies and persons operating and living in Venezuela.
Alphabet (Google) sells advertising space, google cloud, youtube, and google workspace to companies and persons operating and living in Venezuela.
Amazon sells web services and products to companies and persons operating and living in Venezuela, they even offer to ship to Venezuela.
All streaming services (netflix, apple, spotify, hulu, hbo max, disney+) parent companies sell services to companies and persons operating and living in Venezuela.
Professional Software companies (Microsoft, Adobe, GitHub, Dropbox, Among a bunch others) offer services to companies and persons operating and living in Venezuela.
I have also bought from Walmart (Which always tries to sell me their walmart+ subscription on top of the products), Ebay, Doordash, being in Venezuela.
So it does look to me that the issue aren’t the sanctions, which apply for companies doing business with the government of Maduro, not to be confused with the government from Venezuela, since the US government had recognized Guaido as a sovereign Interim President of Venezuela making him the head of the government, but then his interim term ended and no public statements neither recognizing someone different from Maduro nor Maduro have been made public by the united states, so if it’s politics determining whether companies can offer products or services to companies or persons in Venezuela, let’s say it’s not written that they can’t and that it is proven that there are ways to do it without being punished, is just a matter of, do they want to offer services to companies and persons in Venezuela??