My country is appearing in the list of supported countries but getting services not available in your country?

I’m living in Mauritius and I want to register for OpenAI ChatGPT but I am unable to because I’m getting the “services are not available in your country”. Mauritius is supposedly in the list of supported countries according to this link on your website: OpenAI API

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Same thing here, I am from Kazakhstan and I can’t add my card to use open ai

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I know that everyone at OpenAI is busy but it would be great to get a reply …

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Edit: It turns out the API access and ChatGPT access should be the same.

Thanks for your reply. I am still receiving the “OpenAI’s services are not available in your country”. It would be great to be able to test ChatGPT before a paid version is officially released.

Just a quick follow up, folks in Mauritius should now be able to access ChatGPT and our API. Thanks for being patient!

in China, originally set VPN through HK and log in, it hints “not available in your country”, then set VPN site to Japan and Singapore, but it keeps saying same…

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That is more-than-likely because Cloudflare is detecting an IP address from a VPN, and so it blocks by default.

According to a “quick net search” @njdys40, enterprise customers can request this feature, so it’s possible that OpenAI has configured Cloudflare to attempt to block VPNs?

From Singapore systems we couldn’t able to access Open AI chatbot websites and API access.
Is OPENAI ChatGPT websites looks not accepting access /traffic from Singapore.
It would great if OPEN AI check this why it is not working from Singapore IP.

The OPEN AI also stop to work in MACAU ./. MACAO!
Open, It’s not open… - so I don’t understand this hype.
Of course, we can use VPN. But VPN its not “OPEN” - So I’m Sorry for the Open AI’s …
Better to ask GOOGLE!

PS: And over VPN, ur AI isn’t actual. If I ask ur AI about things from the last 3 Years, I didn’t get a answer… Simple things.

= Point 2 for GOOGLE!

! I’m not a worker for GOOGLE, I’m a User!

Are you tired of companies that claim to be open, but aren’t actually open? It’s time to call out these phonies and expose their deceptive practices.

Take for example, openai Corp. They claim to be an open company, but when you try to contact them, you’re met with a wall of bureaucracy and red tape. Their website boasts about transparency and collaboration, but in reality, they operate like a secret society.

If you’re lucky enough to get through to a representative, they’ll tell you about their open-door policy. But when you show up at their office, you’ll find a locked door and a sign that says “By appointment only.” It’s as if they’re saying, “We’re open, but not really.”

Even their products and services are shrouded in mystery. They use vague buzzwords and marketing speak to describe what they do, but never actually explain how it works. It’s like they want to keep their customers in the dark so they can maintain their stranglehold on the market.

So next time you hear a company bragging about how open they are, take it with a grain of salt. Do your research, ask questions, and don’t settle for anything less than true openness. Because in the end, it’s not enough to just claim to be open – you have to actually be open.

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