Why is it completely impossible to find my billing for ChatGPT?

I’m a paying user for ChatGPT. The fee is drawn each month from my card.

Where can I manage my subscription, see payments, billing etc.?

The Platform was well hidden, I had to ask chat about it. Logging into the platform I apparantly have no subscriptions or payment methods.

From help article:

  1. Click on ‘My Plan’ in the sidebar.

  2. Click on ‘Manage my subscription’ in the pop-up window.

THERE IS NO My Plan in the sidebar. The article was updated only a week ago. This is nuts!

To reach a submenu that would have “my plan”, you have to click on your name at the lower left corner. That brings up menu items like “settings”, “customize ChatGPT”, “My GPTs” … and is supposed to be where “My Plan” appears.

Some users have reported that the option is just not there for them to manage or cancel the subscription. That then is something to contact OpenAI staff about, saying something like “I seem to have the same problem others have reported, needing staff correction to my account” so they don’t just send back a “training issue” bot answer.


Some have also found it is a problem with the state of the web browser - log in using a different browser (like Edge…) and it is there.

Thank you very much. It was a browser issue and now resolved.

Actually still having trouble with this. I can find My plan but can’t get past this upgrade option screen to find billing information.