Why do I not have access to GPTo? I was a plus user for 1.5 years

When GPTo was released, I utilized it along with GPT4 and GPT 3.5. I decided to only use GPTo and downgraded my subscription to free. Since then, I only have access to GPT3.5 and it has been weeks. Does anyone know why I don’t have access to GPTo?

Yes, you were a Plus user for 1.5 years, but you are no longer a Plus user. It is slowly being rolled out to free accounts with harsh restrictions that Plus users don’t have. If you want to have more than a few messages with GPT-4o, then you need a Plus account.

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Ah. So I am on the waiting end of the “slow rollout.” Thanks.

I’m not sure if it’s during the rollout, but could you show me a screenshot?


I am assuming that the dropdown box still has different selections: a few weeks ago, it would show Chat GPT 3.5, Chat GPT0, and ChatGPT Plus.
Here is my current screenshot:

Once the system is prompted, there is a dropdown choice to select different models (GPT or GPT 4o).
However, GPT 4o seems limited and not at all what I was getting when I had a paid account.

I teach High School and we have open access to ChatGPT. During the last week of school (in May), some of my students had access to GPT 4o that was equivalent to my Plus version.

GPT-4o is available to free users with certain limitations. However, the specific number of uses allowed does not seem to be explicitly stated.

This screenshot is from the free plan.

It is likely that these restrictions are dynamically adjusted based on the current server load.

The computational resources for GPT-4o are prioritized for paid users, which means free users often face stricter limitations.

Please don’t take this as a doubt, but since it is not immediately apparent, it might be possible that your students were actually using the Plus version.

In any case, please choose the usage plan that best suits your needs.

Yes, from my testing it was about 10-15 messages every 3 hours.

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