Why did my 'Web browsing' option disappear? (topic curation)

Why don’t I see this feature? Is it limited to users in the US?

Web Browse feature Missing in Chat GPT 4, is this a isolated issue or is this software wide? i had a weird prompt prior to its disappearance “some kinda of Account Security”


I just saw that there is still, but after refreshing the page suddenly no longer, I asked several friends, they also appear this situation, what happened?


To add, I didn’t find the Web Browsing option in Settings > Beta features either, it also suddenly disappeared

The ‘Web browsing’ option disappeared for me as well.

Hi there! We’ve temporarily disabled the Browse with Bing beta feature while we fix some issues with it.

Read more here:



ChatGPT Browse with Bing is a beta feature (available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers) that allows ChatGPT to search the internet to help answer questions that benefit from recent information. We have learned that the ChatGPT Browse beta can occasionally display content in ways we don’t want. For example, if a user specifically asks for a URL’s full text, it might inadvertently fulfill this request.

It seems like OpenAI is working against the paid users of ChatGPT Plus. This time they’re taking away Browsing, because it reads the content of a site that the user asks for? Please, that’s what I pay for Plus for. It’s not for the 3.5, but rather, for the measly 25 messages/3 hours.

Let’s say I needed it to read a certain repository or topic on GitHub or some forum where the language is foreign to me, now it can’t? You’ve got to be kidding me. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of deleting my old conversations yesterday and now the responses from ChatGPT 4 have worsened. It makes so many mistakes that even the 3.5 outperforms it in several areas.

I know that for those whose main currency is the dollar, $20 is nothing, but not everyone has that. I’m not complaining about the price per se, but 25 messages/3 hours, they run out with me trying to get GPT4 to get my questions right.

I know it’s no use complaining, because OpenAI is going to increasingly “castrate” ChatGPT 4 (I agree with the Free one) but there’s my rant.


The same problem is happening with me, function disappeared.


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Totally agree. The web search feature was what the $25 worth paying.

I have used it a lot to understand new tech platforms, which is not covered by the 2021 cutoff. Provide documentation and have it guide through an integration into another framework. Really annoying that the feature is being disabled.


I cant believe they think its ok to remove the bing browse from paid subscriptions.

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Browsing feature is only temporarily disabled.

I personally never use the browsing feature. Plugins like webpilot and voxscript browse web pages better, with a more predictable outcome.

As per the pricing no one is forcing you to pay for plus. GPT-3.5 is completely free and is incredibly good for a free tool!


I cannot use this function any more. Where has it gone?

It is a beta feature that has been temporarily disabled to be fixed. Like I said you can still use browse the web with plugins.

Temporarily removed due to a bug, it will be back soon.


You can just copy and paste the code…

Yes, exactly. It takes traffic away from the site while consuming its resources, and then formats it for the user.

Imagine if you had a library which has a capacity of 1,000 people. A single superhuman that can duplicate itself thousands of times is taking up 300 of those slots; these superhuman duplicates are overflowing your library. It avoids providing any financial aid or content, demands a bunch of attention, writes down the pages of the books, runs off, and then distributes it as its own.

Data scraping has always been a thing, but now it’s easily accessible by anyone, anywhere.

The big internet names are locking up their servers, some in very silly ways. I wouldn’t be surprised that a massive amount of people are using ChatGPT to scrape data from websites. Not regarding anything else besides the probably mostly useless data they are churning.

Same with me. It disappeared sometime between yesterday and today. Not sure when it happened, but boom, its gone.

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Tudo bem com você?
Há anúncio oficial de desativação temporária da ferramenta de navegação? Se sim, onde?

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Adding context,


For example, if a user specifically asks for a URL’s full text, it might inadvertently fulfill this request. This is the Current Reasoning

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