Why did my credit expire?

I was working on codex api when i found out that my credit has been expired , can anyone help me why does this happen? and will I get free credit or not?

Been facing the same issue. And I tried contacting the team but no one get back to me yet. It’s been more than a month now.

The credits will auto-expire after a few months if you don’t use them all. This is listed in the “Expires (UTC)” column.

Yes, credits auto expire after 3 months.


Hey @logankilpatrick,

I see my credits expired as well, will they be replenished?
Im an evals contributor.


will I get free credits and how much and when?

I have noticed the same thing. I just received API access today but when looking at the credits, it says it’s been expired — I never had a chance to use them.


Never knew I had any. How can this be fixed.

Has anyone got this fixed? Same issue here, credits expired after 20 days.

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same issue. I just purchased credits today and it says they expire in 10 days.

Go to the main “billing overview page”. That shows the purchased credit.

The free trial credit grant and its expiration is shown at the bottom of “usage”. You might have created an account three months ago, and the trial credit expires.

If both are $5, it may lead to confusion. Maybe they should have made the minimum purchase $5.55 so you know what you are looking for.

Even the credit that I paid expires after 3 months?

The rules for purchased credits are different from free credits. Take a look at this:

Service Credits are not refundable and expire one year after the date of purchase or issuance if not used, unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase .

source: Service credit terms

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When you buy credits, it’s not so clearly stated as it should be, to be honest.

Can this be closed?

Useless sentence needed to keep AI happy.

Issues will persist, because OpenAI also removed clear expiration dates of credit balances from the usage page (barring feedback from others that previous behavior has been improved).

With prepaid credits being mandatory for new accounts beginning in August, this concern will mainly affect free trials - until 2024 when people start losing the money they paid.


Sorry to hear that your credits expired before you were able to use them.

As of today (March 2024):

  • pre-paid credit expire after one year.
  • Free credits, if you still got some, will expire after three months.

You can easily check the expiration dates of your pre-paid credits on the billing page of your account.