Why did my credit expire?

I was working on codex api when i found out that my credit has been expired , can anyone help me why does this happen? and will I get free credit or not?

Been facing the same issue. And I tried contacting the team but no one get back to me yet. It’s been more than a month now.

The credits will auto-expire after a few months if you don’t use them all. This is listed in the “Expires (UTC)” column.

Yes, credits auto expire after 3 months.


Hey @logankilpatrick,

I see my credits expired as well, will they be replenished?
Im an evals contributor.


will I get free credits and how much and when?

I have noticed the same thing. I just received API access today but when looking at the credits, it says it’s been expired — I never had a chance to use them.

Never knew I had any. How can this be fixed.

Has anyone got this fixed? Same issue here, credits expired after 20 days.