Api key only have one month free trial?

it seems just after one month my api key expired. i dont run out my whole grant , do i still need to pay to continue use?

I created my account and a new API key on 30-Mar and used it once for a quick test. Now, a few days later on 03-Apr, I get an error that my quota is exceeded and I see the following usage:

Is this a bug?

It is estimated not to be a bug. It was used since March 13th and also expired on April 1st. However, the given credit was very useful and many functions were tested.

@kaww since you say “a bug” I presume you are replying to me however sorry but I don’t understand your reply? What does “the given credit was very useful and many functions were tested” mean? Are you a site admin here (can’t see anything in your profile).

From the screen cap I show above it seems I received $18 credit and used 4 cents before the trail unexpectedly expired, I say in 2 days, you say in 2.5 weeks but either way very short. So is that meager trial offering really all OpenAI provide?

Same issue here, started testing the API and mid weekend credits/grant expired after a whooping day of use :

From the other threads here it seems that they won’t be extending, rolling the credits or providing another grant right now, so you’d need to pay to use it I guess, I was doing a tutorial, so not sure I want to do it anymore.

@kenonleon, I can’t find any current and clear statement from OpenAI about what their trial offer includes. Of our $18, I used 4 cents and you used 2 cents and then it expired after a few days. That is so ridiculous it just seems that it must be a bug to me.

PS: Just checked my graph and it shows that I used the 4 cents all on 31-March and then my trial expired next day on 01-April so it seems my case is same as yours.

No, I’m also a small developer. Actually, I didn’t know that OpenAI was offering credits at first, so I was happy to receive $18 when I found out. I didn’t use up all the credits, but I did test some web page code with the free credits, which was very helpful. Later on, I found out that some people who had received credits before were able to use them for a longer period of time. It seems like all the credits given out last month expired on the 1st?

I came here after experiencing the same thing. I created my API key to use an iOS app and never even made a single query before my credits expiring. :man_facepalming:t3:

The same tried to use the API key on the day of account creation, trying to connect via Hugging Face and it bombs with the expired notice. And in Usage as it should, 0 activity reported.

What OPENAI meant was the free trial feature will last until April 1st for all free accounts and after April 1st the feature will no longer exist for free. I’ve been using the API for the months of February, and March. and it expired in April, on my site I got an error 429 which means api request limit exceeded.


I arrived here with the same issue. Just thought of giving it a try today and got error with rate limit. The credit $18 expired before could use it. I do not remember getting any notification or information that the trial credit will be expired in ‘x’ days.


I think my case isnthe worste I never know about the API Key and that Open AI give frees credits for trial the smae day I knew that I create the account to use the API Key and I create the first API Key in my live I receive the free credits but is expired because was the 1rt of may. First API Key in first day of the free credit and It get expired because is the 1rt of may. This is very bad