Are OpenAI credits expiring?

Since dashboard change, I see no warning about credit expiration date. They forgot to put it, they placed it somewhere else or credits are not expiring any more?

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 08-29-22 OpenAI Platform


I can see the whole point of the new dashboard: obfuscate, confuse, maximize billings with unanticipated charges, remove accountability, and breakage.

ALL credits expire. The initial free credit, three months after account creation. Then purchased ones after a year. There’s no system to even observe that credits are ensured a first-in-first-out so that your expiring credits aren’t the first used.

Lesson: buy credits in intervals like $40.01, $40.02 to identify them against further loss of context.


yea, I really would like to know the expiry date.


Edit: Well that’s obnoxiously well hidden. Service credit terms

Are you sure all credit still expire? I just signed up for the API and funded it, but there is no mention ANYWHERE of credits expiring. I certainly wouldn’t have bought so many credits if I knew they’d expire.


All sales of Services, including sales of prepaid Services, are final. Service Credits are not refundable and expire one year after the date of purchase or issuance if not used, unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase.


Totally agree it’s important to know when credits expire!

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While the dashboard doesn’t provide this data one can go to the billing section and look at the purchasing dates to find out how much usage needs to be done and by when. At least the invoice dates are easy to see.

Of course I am assuming a “first purchased, first spend” approach as to how the credits are being used.

Hope this helps!

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Well…thats against EU commerce rules I believe (and yes…companys outside the EU HAVE to play to our rules when dealing with EU-Customers.) Its illegal to have pre-paid credits expire before two years have passed here.

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API users enter a business agreement with OpenAI. As business customers the consumer protection rights do usually not apply.

But I am not a lawyer. Just saying that each case needs to be treated with specific regards to the context.