Are OpenAI credits expiring?

Since dashboard change, I see no warning about credit expiration date. They forgot to put it, they placed it somewhere else or credits are not expiring any more?

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 08-29-22 OpenAI Platform


I can see the whole point of the new dashboard: obfuscate, confuse, maximize billings with unanticipated charges, remove accountability, and breakage.

ALL credits expire. The initial free credit, three months after account creation. Then purchased ones after a year. There’s no system to even observe that credits are ensured a first-in-first-out so that your expiring credits aren’t the first used.

Lesson: buy credits in intervals like $40.01, $40.02 to identify them against further loss of context.


yea, I really would like to know the expiry date.


Edit: Well that’s obnoxiously well hidden. Service credit terms

Are you sure all credit still expire? I just signed up for the API and funded it, but there is no mention ANYWHERE of credits expiring. I certainly wouldn’t have bought so many credits if I knew they’d expire.