Where is the Usage Policy for AI Voiceovers?

The announcement on the landing page says if I use AI voiceover then I need to clearly disclose it to my users. They provided a link to Usage Policies, but that page doesn’t say anything about how to clearly disclose it. Could someone point me in the direction of this information?

Here is the link I’m referring to… it redirects me to the January 2024 Usage Policies page. It says nothing about voiceover usage. https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/text-to-speech#:~:text=Please%20note%20that%20our%20usage%20policies%20require%20you%20to%20provide%20a%20clear%20disclosure%20to%20end%20users%20that%20the%20TTS%20voice%20they%20are%20hearing%20is%20AI-generated%20and%20not%20a%20human%20voice.

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It’s not about voiceovers specifically.

Indicate that the content is AI-generated in a way no user could reasonably miss or misunderstand.

Generally, with any of the OpenAI product offerings it’s not acceptable to deceive users into believing they are interacting with a human being in any way.

This depends on the format you use to deliver your app. But if you want to get a better feeling for what is clear you can ask yourself what is not clear according to common sense.

A little asterisk pointing to the fine-print on a page that is not easy to access, is not clear.
Putting something like ‘AI powered voiceover’ on a prominent position on the service’s main page is more clear.

I hope you get the idea.

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