Is mention of OpenAI/GPT-3 mandatory for an approved app?

I understand there are guidelines around how OpenAI or GPT-3 should be referred to in the marketing material for an approved app.

My question is - What if a developer does not want to disclose whether they are using OpenAI APIs to the users and instead want to mention a generic word like “AI”?

Is this fine with OpenAI?

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Hi Harish, it’s not required to mention OpenAI or GPT-3 in particular, although it’s important for users to know that the content is not human-generated. As the use-case guidelines declare: It’s disallowed to have “Applications where an end user is misled to believe that generative responses are coming from a human.”


Awesome, thanks @joey

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I really love this, it says so much about OpenAI’s ethos. You’re not as concerned with receiving credit as much as you are with being ethical. I really wish more organizations were like this, I have so much respect for it. :+1: :slight_smile: