Use/sell of Images?

DALL-E generated images. Are you allowed to sell/use them?
In the ToS it says Yes? Does anyone know if you do if you have to keep their watermark on the inages bottom right? Or able to remove that?

Thank you


Yes, you can. You own the commercial right to them. See -


This seems too good to be true (please bear with me)

Re: Usabe/Fair Usage (posting images on the internet)

Is there any requirement to credit DALL·E, if posting or otherwise using images it created?

What about making edits using other software to images that DALL·E created and then using them/uploading them? Is that okay (legal) to do? (have not figured out how to do edits in DALL_E but both open to that possibility and curious to learn how)

(Again) What about removing the water mark, as the orignal poster, asked? Is that really acceptable/legal? Really, Really?

If all of this is not too good to be true, then “how come”? (If it’s not too good to be true then what are the reasons and justifications for what seem like very liberal (but awesome) usage policies?)

I’m not going to lie, this can all be answered by reading the documentation for 2 minutes.

anything else like editing it is perfectly fine.

To answer your other question, this is not “too good to be true” because OpenAI is a research lab and they are releasing this to the public so that people can experiment with it and create new things. I honestly don’t know why you are so surprised by this, or why you doubt the documentation that was made by openai, but this should answer your questions.

The reason they have these usage policies are to prevent abuse of this tool. The way they have been enforcing the policies is questionable… but yeah.

Thank you, may I have the link or links to the documentation that contains the reliven information? I think the failure on my part might have been in finding it is the first place.

Content policy | DALL·E (
Very-ish bottem!