Where is GPT-4 API waiting list?

As described earlier:

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It saids on the site, “Today all existing API developers with a history of successful payments can access the GPT-4 API with 8K context.” However, I have already completed the payment of about 4 dollars for API 3.5 usage in August and September. I am also subscribed to GPTplus and am now interested in using the GPT-4.0 API. What steps should I follow? I am Japanese and find complex English challenging, hence my question here.
In summary, is the GPT-4.0 API available for me? If so, how can I access it? If not, what conditions need to be fulfilled to achieve access? I appreciate your assistance.

If you have paid an API bill of $1 or greater (note: that is paid not just incurred) then you should have GPT-4 access, if you do not and you are sure you are logged into the correct organisation then please reach out to help.openai.com and use the support bot in the bottom right corner and leave your contact details and your issue.