GPT-4 has been announced to be available for all API-users, but it is still not available for me

OpenAI claimed yesterday “Starting today, all paying API customers have access to GPT-4”.

I am an active API user with credit card on file since 2 months. However, GPT-4 is still not available to me.

What could be the reason? And why do they announce such thing without giving any access eventually?


Can you share the result of a GET request to


Everything looks good except for gpt-4 missing. My guess is that they jumped the gun on announcing gpt4 was universally available and you’ll have it within the next couple of days at most. If it doesn’t appear by Monday, I would definitely send an email to (you should probably send one today even, just to start the ball rolling).


Hi delete,

You mention that you have had your CC on file for 2 months, have you been charged a bill for API usage in those 2 months? if not you will get access by the end of the month, the access granted yesterday was for users who have received and successfully paid at least 1 API bill.

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Having not been charged yet. Never reached the monthly threshold in that time. Because I wait for GPT-4 with that account, lol.

So this is the reason yeah? Need to produce tons of useless requests to finally get charged :rofl:

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I’m not sure if using the model to the point of triggering a billing cycle will speed up obtaining GPT-4, it will be granted by the end of the month regardless.

Same scenario for me. I looked in Billing and it says paid, but it was so low it wasn’t over $0.00. Although I know I used it for an app I was using. Also signed up for the waitlist, but I only see 3.5 available. Decided to wait for ChatGPT 4 before I started truly working with the API.

My access to gpt-4 looks like it might have been revoked with the last billing cycle? I had it a few days ago.


Me too, I’ve applied and joined the pay plan for about 2 months, however, I still can’t access GPT-4

You can delete your post showing personal details.

  1. this forum is not routinely monitored as a way to contact openai staff,
  2. the ingress of new GPT-4 users was likely done against a database call matching up certain criteria and a cutoff date,
  3. OpenAI has database problems; there’s just as many people having mystery billing without usage or that are still getting plus after cancelling (or saw other’s chats),
  4. OpenAI has millions of developer users as acknowledged by the announcement itself, and consider if your case even clearly meets the criteria of being billed payments before adding another email to their queue, the way to get account support.

The end of the month where all are to be granted access will probably come before your email is answered given the backlog evidenced.

Do an API call to get your organization’s models. That should be the minimum skill required to qualify you for GPT-4, anyway.

I would also say that email is a poor format for communication that OpenAI has set up, without authentication. Were I them, I would set up a new contact form within the account user interface, asking for the information that your email should have: phone number, organization ID, issue category, etc. Then blast an email response to everyone in the queue that if their issue is still present (a month after languishing), to use the new CRM form.

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I also have 4 months of API billing history each month being for $0.00.

Kicker is: the usage details indicate I’ve been using 8k context, but that model is NOT in my allowed models list.

APRIL 30 - MAY 31, 2023
GPT-4 - 8K-context prompt  
Qty 885                $0.03               $0.00003 each

GPT-4 - 8K-context completion
Qty 934                $0.06               $0.00006 each
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Thanks a lot for you kindly explanation and mention! I’ve removed my personal details.

Post edit history is also visible in this forum. That’s why I chose the words I did, “delete”.

I have this exact issue, last month, I spent around $300 on API calls, and I don’t have access to GPT 4 API either; in fact, they even deleted my bill from last month. Magically the paid bill disappears?


This is very weird. So if one isn’t careful one could end up paying quite a few bucks, yet think nothing was withdrawn/invoiced. Can you at least see the correct amount you have spent each month?

Seems their date has slipped. It is August 1st and I still don’t have access to gpt-4. The error text in my terminal still points to the API wait list.

Stupid thing is, my usage is minimal because I have found GPT-3.5 completely incompetent for my intended use cases, and I think GPT-4 will address that based on my interactions with it on ChatGPT Plus. Perhaps I should just code a simple script that hits their API the correct number of times to generate $1 in usage? They could solve all of this by letting you prepay.

Anywho, I’m hoping they will provide updated communication on what the hold-up is. Hopefully it’s not a lengthy delay and only misses by a few days.

INFO:openai:error_code=model_not_found error_message="The model 'gpt-4' does not exist" error_param=model error_type=invalid_request_error message='OpenAI API error received' stream_error=False
Model gpt-4 not available for provided API key. Reverting to gpt-3.5-turbo. Sign up for the GPT-4 wait list here:
└─$ date
Tue Aug  1 01:29:27 PM MDT 2023

Same here. I submitted quite a while ago and I still haven’t heard anything.