Where do you promote your Custom GPTs?

Hey there,

I’ve create a Custom GPTs for creating Forms, Checklists & Workflows, but noticed getting initial traction just by the Custom GPT Store listing itself doesn’t really move the needle. So I started to promote my Custom GPTs across all the usual places like LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

What other strategies or places did everybody else find working well for getting some initial traction for your Custom GPT?

Cheers from Sydney,


You can list your GPT on a bunch of publicly available directories like this GitHub - Anil-matcha/Awesome-GPT-Store: Custom GPT Store - A collection of major GPTS available in public

Another option is posting your GPTs on relevant subreddits

Now there’s another pathway available. You can visit this page to access it:

You can achieve at least the following:

  1. Promote your bio link on Twitter to your followers

  2. Transition your own high-frequency GPT to a new GPT

I’m also making progress in collaborating with numerous third-party GPT Stores, sharing data, and accelerating the integration with these stores.