Where to share new GPTs? - Somewhere here or any websites yet?

Does anyone know of any resources where we might share links to our GPT creations? I know it is early but would be great to get some user feedback.

Also, is this eventually going to be renamed GPT Development or will there be a new Category created for GPT devs?


This was just shared in the AgentLabs discord as a place for what you are looking for:


Thank you. I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few GPTs very soon!

HI, I just tried and got the following message:

" Your access to custom GPTs isn’t ready yet. We’re rolling this feature out over the coming days. Check back soon."

So the sharing function is not ready yet?

So there is no official GPTs marketplace from OpenAI to list all the GPTs from different sources?

There will be a “store” (like plugins) within OpenAI in the future, to highlight featured - and safety-screened - custom applications. For right now, the majority of subscribers can’t even employ that share link, because the access to use GPTs is limited to and being rolled out to handfuls of accounts at a time.

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Just posted there. thanks. But how do you search pugin.ai?

Here for now…

Not sure if we’ll have a separate category, but you can tag custom-gpt or chatgpt-gpt

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You can also try submitting to https://www.gptshunter.com

Have you tried GitHub - Anil-matcha/Awesome-GPT-Store: Custom GPT Store - A collection of major GPTS available in public - An open-source listing of user-submitted GPTs with 1k+ stars on Github

To have requirement about X link and handle is a pure useless restriction.

Maybe Github repository must replace those requirements for transparency and collaboration.

Just an opinion.

Hopefully all those non transparent directories will worth nothing when the official store will be launched.

Here’s a .csv w/ about 26,000.

Public GitHub repo: GitHub - casssapir/gpt-list: Comprehensive list of all public GPTs. Updated daily.

Click the latest csv file, then"raw" button to get the link to the full csv.

I’ll try to update it daily and put some graphs up there to track trending.

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