Have you found a way to promote your custom gpt using ads?

We’re working on a custom GPT, super excited about the rumored upcoming launch of the custom-gpt “app store”. We want to make a big splash, has anyone successful promoted their custom GPTs using ads? Would love to hear your experience.


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Add them on website to showcase, so it give visibility the best way.

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honestly I would wait before pushing in adv just to see how the store will be organized in terms of gpts rank system. If you trust your gpt rocks maybe it will be well displayed within the store positioning. I would also wait the revenue share system, that is a big game changer in terms of budget allocation


I wrote an article on GPT marketing with all the ideas i could collect and come with.

Includes a referece to write.bot, an app I developed. Enjoy!


Hey guys. I humbly ask that you can help me publicize my gpt.

Immersive English Tutor GPT


I’ve found no way to advertise any of the bots. Even if you add them to some chatgtpt aggregator, nobody still sees your bot, which seems like a waste of time as my bot numbers never go up.

Good starting point could be using this. Mine is Forms, Checklists & Workflows Creator :slight_smile:

Maybe there is another thread already?

Is this being discussed anywhere else? I couldn’t find any recent posts on this topic.

Like many others, I’m trying to brainstorm ways to promote my custom GPT. :slight_smile:

I read an article how you can create your own custom GPT few days ago, i hope it will help you.

if you’re interested in how to monetize your custom gpt using ads and earn revenue without disrupting your traction you could check out adtochatbot

What are the big/popular newsletters or social media accounts for custom gpts? I’d love to share what I’m building! ChatGPT - Portfolio Predicts