Generating Traffic or ads to GPT - Best way to go about it

I setup google ads to my GPT and its costing about $1 per click. Nobody is using the GPT, as I am monitoring its server usage. Does anyone have any best practices for getting traffic to your GPT or which ads are effective?


For my public I see this icon in the GPTs Explore menu next to my public one, does this not track the usage?


Yes that shows the use count itself and it’s a great resource. However, I am interested in determining if target ads are effective in generating traffic to our plugin.

Where is your GPT, how can I find it?

Maybe add an action that acts as a tracking pixel early in the chat session to track. Hard to do unless they allow pixels which I doubt.

thank you, I was considering that. perhaps theres a way

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So I have done some studying of this. Here are a few thoughts

  1. Build in a CTA in the Instructions that encourages chatters to share the GPT after they use it. There are ways to do this subtly so as to not overly annoy the user but still drive that loop.
  2. Build your brand on whichever social media platform you love best and share GIFs or videos of you using the GPT
  3. “ancillary branding” seems quite important. The GPTs that are getting 10,000+ views per day are very good at creating animations, and a “story” around their GPTs.
  4. Constantly evolving and improving the GPT each day drives a loyal following.

It’s early @jkrn0 , so keep at it and you will start driving steady organic traffic. You got this!

Thank you for the info, can we confirm they are getting thousands is ln uses per day, those numbers seem high to me as if the developer on the site randomly generated those figures. As a plug-in developer
100 a day was normal. Regardless than you for the response as the ancillary idea seems worthwhile

Since the GPTs require a ChatGPT plus subscription to begin using, it’s not a good choice to use Google ads. The people who come from the ads may not have the right to access your GPTs.

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I would not recommend paying for ads when you have no idea how much money you are going to make in total. I think a lot of developers perceive it as a gold mine but are going to be disappointed when they figure out that only two to three dozen people get to access the gold mine, where they only find small deposits every couple of weeks.


Rather, one might end up doing the math, and find out that the monetization for being in the tops of the leaderboards in engagements-per-month is just a small discount off of ChatGPT Plus dollars-per- month.

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A lot of it is going to come down to already having an existing audience. If you do, it’ll be easier to get people to check it out and increase your stats.

However, I’m thinking that an extremely useful or “cool” Custom GPT might also take off on its own as the platform grows.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay $1/click and not even know if they were chatting with it. Have you tried Facebook ads? I’ve gotten those as cheap as $0.01/click before…

Can you elaborate on this, you mean even top of gpt boards may not pay well

Agree with this idea. GPTs navigation sites may be a good choice.

Interesting idea. Curious why are you paying to propagate your GPT? How are you gonna earn your money back?