Competition in the GPT Store and getting traffic

  1. Has anyone successfully run ads to their gpt from google or reddit? If so what is the way to do it. Also, how can we remain competitive in an environment where these is no requirements to submit a gpt. Will our gpts not be overcrowded by ameteur builds of similar names with less features?
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See this topic for a long discussion on ads (Misunderstood the question, ads were top of mind :expressionless: )

Thank you I meant more getting traffic from google or reddit

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Have you tried submitting your GPTs in various directories ?

I have not tried submitting to the indexes. How effective is that in getting traffic?

Here is an open-source listing I created GitHub - Anil-matcha/Awesome-GPT-Store: Custom GPT Store - A collection of major GPTS available in public . It consistently gets 100+ views per day.

Also there is this GPT trained on data from above github repo which has so far 3k conversations and gets 200+ conversations per day

Most strategies I have seen that work for publicizing GPTs are focused on Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing and not so much paid ads.

That said, there may be some people who have figured out ways to get many many people to the GPT. There are about 100 GPTs generating over 10,000 views per day and at least 1,000 generating 100 views per day.

So it is possible to generate steady - and steadily growing - traffic.

Also, pro tip, put a “share this GPT” link in the GPT Instructions (and include the url) and have it appear at the end of the conversation with the user. That is proving to drive a lot of organic traffic to the people who will benefit the most. That strategy works best for “transactional” GPTs where there are quick Q and A engagements (not long term multi-message chats).

You can see an example of how that works here.

Thanks very much, I am going to try the share gpt method this seems similar to the viral marketing open ai uses for their products this is great insight!

Also very interested in how those daily visit numbers are calculated

According to our GPTsHunter, there is 34k+ GPTs. We have driven significant traffic to ChatGPT. You can try to submit your GPTs to our directory and contact me to get featured(if the GPT is good enough).

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what kind of traffic are you getting on gpt hunters if I may ask, will submit my plugin now