Where do I get the TXT record from OpenAI to verify Domain Ownership

Where do I get the TXT record from OpenAI?

Verify Domain Ownership:
• OpenAI will provide you with a TXT record. This is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record used to prove domain ownership.
• Log in to your domain registrar’s control panel and navigate to the DNS settings section.
• Add a new TXT record, pasting the value provided by OpenAI.

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Go to your name on the bottom left of your homepage, then go to settings & beta, then to builder profile. From there, go to website, verify a new domain, and it should appear in a popup.

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I did this and Open AI doesn’t seem to want to verify my domain. Do I need to add something else? Maybe to the Name field in my DNS file? Do I add this information openai-domain-verification= too or just the info that follows the = in this string?


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Here is an overview using cPanel, very common for shared hosting:


or Plesk: https://www.crazydomains.com/help/manage-dns-records-in-plesk/

The exact configuration for adding a record to DNS depends on where your domain’s nameserver record is being fulfilled from. It might still be at your registrar.

If you maintain your own DNS zone file, then you can probably ask an AI for a reminder of how to configure it.

DNS records may take time to be updated on provider and propagated. It will also depend on if the requesting client and DNS path or its DNS cache tried to retrieve your domain previously. A good rule of thumb is four hours.

I am not able to update as I get this when I enter the domain
“Domain ‘…my domain…’ already exists for organization ‘org-xxxxxxx’. Please delete it first if you wish to restart the verification process.”
I have added the TXT to my Wix site domain days ago and still nothing. I dounble checked I copied and pasted correctly.

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I am having this same problem having Wix and OpenAI communicate. I think I know how to use the TXT verification process. It has worked for other services. MXtoolbox says the TXT DNS record is published. OpenAI continues to not find it. I’ve had it up for more than 48 hours, but still no success.


Wix support were very good and came back to me after I logged a ticket showing me through a 3rd party how my TXT records look. Use https://www.whatsmydns.net/ and see for yourself. The problem is I still have not been able to get support from OpenAI even for a refund on GPT plus so we dead in the water it seems.

Attached is a screen shot showing my TXT records. Good luck bud.