What's with the customer service? rep just looks at my messages and doesn't even respond

Has anyone had issues chatting with “customer service” and them blatantly just not responding to you? I’ve had an issue with my account billing/deactivation since last week. Their one and only suggestion was to make sure I was using the correct API key (which I was). I gave them more details about what the actual error issue was, at which point the rep stopped responding to me. It even shows the messages being in read status but not even a “sorry we can’t help you”.

Is there a way I can escalate this and talk to an actual rep? It doesn’t seem like this is how they should operate?

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Some have indeed reported this ghosting from the openai support. Given how fast OpenAI user base has grown, OpenAI likely have outsourced much of the support, and the agents that press the buttons to send robotic answers back don’t have ultimate control over accounts.

A particular thing seen is if the API account has been banned for cause, a status “will not reactivate”, that particularly is one where the support also may disengage - or may have escalated it to a slower tier of account managers.


It’s unfortunate. I had a balance on there that I can’t use and have no idea where it’s gone. On top of that I lost my previous API key and can’t generate a new one.

I ended up having to use a completely different model :frowning:

So they ended up enabling my account to create a new API key and I’m able to use it again. I just had to get the issue escalated but the rep I worked with was waaaaay better.


Thanks for keeping us posted!
I agree, the customer service experience has potential to the upside but up until now I always did eventually receive an answer which is still better than the companies I used to work for in the past with 100 million customers less.
Either way, can we close this topic since it’s been resolved by your own efforts?

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Thank you for the update. The more accurate information we have on this forum, the better it becomes, even though acquiring it can be quite frustrating.

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