What's going on with GPT (Builder)?

I can easily create a “myGPT” like two or three weeks ago and I was able to share it. And I was able to see “what’s under the hood” via the [Configure] option.
But for a new “myGPT” I created two days ago, it was still in “draft” mode, and unable to share.
And for the my first “myGPT”, I can no longer click on the [Configure] option.
What’s going on? Has OpenAI arbitrarily changed something?

OpenAI is always changing something. Seemingly, just to keep you on your toes.

The latest thing is that any interactions with a GPT (on Firefox for me), like even clicking about, just churn and churn, displaying nothing until you go back to the same menu and do some more clicking, and then the “about” suddenly pops up on you (seen across machines with win 10 or win 11).

So something screwy is going on with the event triggering in the scripting, likely extending to other things that don’t have controls like “save”, but have poor patterns where actions are supposed to be dynamic and irrevocable.

Fortunately, I don’t care if people can talk to my “Zendaya” GPT or if OpenAI breaks all its GPTs tomorrow.

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Same problem, my GPT stays in DRAFT mode :sob:

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well then, they would encourage developers to seek openAI’s competitors.

True! I have already started looking at quivr, but it’s also completely broken…

Can anyone recommend an alternative to create “a second brain”?