What to do if your plugin is rejected, find help

Has anyone found where to get help for plugins if they are rejected? For example, I submitted 2 different plugins. I got a message that one of them had been rejected, and I needed to remove the world “plugin” from the description. But there are a couple issue with that:

  1. No reference to which plugin is being rejected
  2. Neither of them have the word “plugin” anywhere in them

I can not find a way to contact anyone about it.

Also, evidently there is a < 20 character count on plugin names? I can’t find that anywhere in the docs, so maybe that will help someone else avoid getting rejected. Doesn’t help me figure out which of my plugins they are referencing, one has 20 characters and the other has 26. So it could be either of them.

Their path seems to be reject because it doesn’t follow guidelines that are not listed anywhere, completely resubmit the entire thing, wait, get rejected for reasons that are not even accurate.

Anyone else went through this that has insight?

@logankilpatrick Please see first post. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t help OP with this problem.

Field Type Description/Options
name_for_human String Human-readable name, such as the full company name. 20 character max.

See https://platform.openai.com/docs/plugins/getting-started/plugin-manifest

Thank you for that reference. The reference you sent said 20 characters max. The rejection message they sent me specified less than 20 characters, which makes a huge deal to me in figuring out which plug-in was rejected. One of my plug-ins are exactly 20 characters, so if it is true that 20 characters is allowed rather than less than 20, that clarifies which plug-in they rejected.

Here is some more evidence to help you.

If you use this

you will find it has copies of many of the manifest files and OpenAPI specs in the repo. Checking the manifest files to see if there is one with the field name_for_human and exactly 20 characters I find

I just installed it to verify the name is still the same


However if one looks at the item in the store


it shows the name cut off.

It seems that if the name is 19 characters then it will not be cut off in the store.

Personally I would change both to <20 characters and just move on.


Awesome, thank you so much, that list is great! I’m going to adjust the plugin with the 26 character, which i’m now confident is the one they are referring to. I’m just going to sit tight on the second, as it’s been in the process for a while and I don’t want to break the process by changing it.

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Update here, I did find the problem with “plugin” being listed in the description. I went to uninstall the dev plugin to test the new name update, and there is was, even though that was very early testing, like the very first test ever. I since then updated the json and yaml many times, with new information. The trick is, none of those updates ever propagate unless you… wait for it… follow the instructions :crazy_face:

I went back to research why my plugin name and description were not updating, and found the instructions on going through the “develop your own plugin” process every time you update the manifest files.

Manifest files must be manually updated by going through the “Develop your own plugin” flow in the plugin store each time you make a change to the ai-plugin.json file. ChatGPT will automatically fetch the latest OpenAPI spec each time a request is made so changes made will propagate to end users immediately.

Mine also was rejected because I gave german language example prompts.
Only english plugins are supported atm.

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