Need community's opinion regarding plugin review criteria

for context, My plugin excels in addressing Minecraft-related queries, with a focus on command creation, plugin development, and Skript scripting. It serves as a primary source of information for these areas, offering detailed guidance and problem-solving for common questions.

As such, my plugin has a feature that giving user assistants in minecraft development including minecraft’s built-in command, plugin for minecraft, and scripting plugin called ‘Skript’

so I wrote description_for_human field as shown below

“MC Expert provides guidance on Minecraft command, plugin, and Skript development.”

but after a day, I found the problem was the word “plugin” in my description_for_human field
so the plugin submission was rejected.

Since the word “plugin” is necessary for describing my plugin, I sent an email that goes like this:

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am reaching out to discuss a recent issue I encountered regarding the submission of my ChatGPT plugin.

The plugin I created is specifically designed to assist in the development of plugins for the game Minecraft. However, it was rejected due to the inclusion of the term ‘plugin’ in its ‘description_for_human’ field. I understand that under normal circumstances, the inclusion of this term is not permitted. However, in this specific context, the term is vital to accurately describe the purpose and functionality of my plugin.

I understand and appreciate the rules and guidelines set by OpenAI to maintain a high standard of quality and clarity for all plugins. However, in this case, I believe there should be an exception to the rule. The term ‘plugin’ is used not to create confusion, but to specify the nature of the tool - that is, a tool to aid Minecraft plugin development.

Denying the launch of a plugin solely based on the presence of a certain term without considering the context does not seem fair or beneficial to the developer community.

I kindly request a reconsideration of this decision, and that the context in which the term ‘plugin’ is used be taken into account. As developers, we strive to create tools that are beneficial and clear in their purpose. In this case, the usage of the term ‘plugin’ serves to elucidate the exact purpose of my tool and thereby supports that very goal.

I look forward to your positive response.

Best Regards,

after that, no further context hasn’t reached out for me.
no answer of positive, nor negative. It’s been over a week.

My question is:

  • Should the criteria(rejecting the word “plugin”) be applied with no exception?
  • What should I do for explaining my plugin’s feature?
  • Does OpenAI don’t make contact if the plugin’s problem is the same as before?